Then, in 2013 I became a sales rep for granite and tooling at Omicron Granite.  I dedicated myself to learning the following about stones: formation, minerals, density, porosity and quality.  The dream of serving the Sarasota area with unique exotic stones was always very present.  Today, Rachel and I are serving  Sarasota with natural stones, flooring and cabinetry.  Come and visit our show room today !!!

My name is Isaque/'Aizek/ Luz. I am a native of Brazil and American by choice, as I became a U.S. Citizen in 2010.  My passion for natural stone began back in 2006 when I started at The Granite Place (Sarasota) as a truck driver delivering granite slabs.  I believe things are much easier to pursue when you find something that you love to do.  In the seven years working there, I discovered my passion for natural stone.